10 Years strong. And chock full of goodness. Can you help?

Survive TV News Jobs is 10. How cool is that! We are still going strong. Adding more content to help you get the most out of this exhilarating, maddening, fulfilling and at times intensely tiring career.

Survive currently has more than 260 articles to help you out. Everything from how to write basic copy, to finessing live shots and umbrella leads, to dealing with the bully boss and/or coworker. This website is a labor of love for fellow journalists who too often put others above themselves.

This website has always been free access. Some professors use articles to enhance a lesson. Many journalists use the cliche list. News managers use it to mentor their staff to help them see a different way of showcasing, or doing a live shot. That’s been the goal and the fact the articles are used this way means more than words can say.

There is a new button on the website, you might have seen. A donate button. This website is getting so large, expenses are up to maintain it and keep it safe. If you don’t mind throwing a “tip in the jar” it is very appreciated.

Thanks for reading all these years. Thanks for sharing insights. Thanks for taking on this amazing vocation, journalism, especially at a time like this. You inspire. The hope remains this website makes it a little easier for you each and every day. Keep up the good fight.